Do your prospects, clients, audiences “get” you?

If you are frustrated because people don’t understand the value of your message, services or idea, we can help. By leveraging the power of communication architecture, we identify your competitive advantage and show you how to communicate it. With simplified messaging, structured content and engaging presentations, you’ll find selling can be easier and fun.

One-page Conversation

With your custom-designed infographic that illustrates your value proposition, you can have a significant conversation that leads to understanding and buy-in. Show-and-tell does help you sell.

18-minute Presentation

As we know from Ted Talks, today’s audiences have extremely short attention spans. We help you simplify your message and create a customized audience experience that triggers engagement.

Test Drive Experience

One of the best ways to sell services is to offer a test drive. With a customized demonstration of your capabilities that “wows”, your participants are inspired to want more.

Brand Strategy

A fresh perspective and divergent thinking can give you new insights about yourmessaging. In this accelerated strategy process with innovative exercises, you gain clarity and discover hidden value.

Service Package

How do you package an intangible service? Very carefully! And with a focus on WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) from your client’s perspective. Let us help you create a compelling package that is easy to sell.

How does communication architecture work?

WORKSHOPS: Strategies to help you sell

About Cynthia

For Cynthia Correll, the title “Communication Architect” perfectly articulates the expertise she offers service-oriented businesses. It’s more than marketing or messaging. It’s about collaborating to design an intuitive, easy-to-understand and engaging sales experience. She shows her clients how to walk their prospects through the process and unlock maximum value for their services.

Cynthia combines art, logic and structure to express complex ideas. By designing simple, engaging tools, presentations and processes, Cynthia creates a common language between her clients and their audience so that big ideas become easy to understand, intuitive and inspiring.

A key to Cynthia’s resourcefulness is her varied background. Her professional experience spans a variety of industries and ranges from startups and nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. Her work has varied from instructional design, customer training, IT programming and installation to producing large-scale national sales conventions, designing brand identities and coaching entrepreneurs.

Early on, she was recruited to join the initial management team of an educational software startup in California. She successfully built the customer service and training division from the ground up, ultimately creating an operation of 500 staff nationwide. Her team installed and managed hundreds of computer labs with software for teaching reading and math critical thinking skills in elementary schools. The business grew in a whirlwind seven years to 2,000 employees and $200 million in revenue.

Cynthia’s retirement was short-lived. She accepted a strategic planning position with the San Diego Workforce Partnership and eventually returned to school to follow her passion for fine art and graphic design.

She found her creative niche in book arts, an art form that combines images, text and structure. She has won praise for several of her “books,” including her entry in the International Edible Book Tea event: A Mason jar of alphabet soup labeled “Complete Works of William Shakespeare — Shake Before Reading.” The art critic for The Durango Herald singled-out her “River Book” exhibit as “the quirkiest”.

By integrating art into her business, fusing creativity and logic, Cynthia gets better results for her clients by powerfully engaging prospects and audiences.

What Our Clients Say...

Cynthia has a remarkable ability to get to the core of the message you need to deliver. I worked with her to develop a graphic to use in one-on-one meetings when discussing how my executive coaching can improve clarity, focus, productivity, people skills and happiness at work. She was able to probe and get to the heart of how I serve -- and then turn that information into a professional, graphically pleasing, compelling tool. She's responsive, kind, a true value and fun to work with. I'll definitely reach out to her again. – Mary Kutheis, MCK Coaching & Training

I am impressed with Cynthia’s skill and insight. A client needed an infographic to convey a set of complex ideas that connected on different levels. Cynthia collected our information and created a great piece on her first draft. The more I looked at it, the more surprised I was at how well she expressed both the essence and the details of what we wanted to communicate. She nailed it. – Steve Smart

Gives clients peace of mind and increases our close rate. - Josh Turner, CEO, LinkedSelling


Helps me close more business without really selling. - Dr. Dan Fazio, Aequa Health and Wellness

Great representation of how you provide value. - Client of Joyce Auskelis, DefiningNEXT

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