Visual Artist & Communication Architect

Cynthia Correll is an award-winning mixed-media artist and a creative entrepreneur, known as the Communication Architect. In her thought-provoking and whimsical work, she combines art, logic and structure to inspire and entertain the viewer. By generating more harmony and joy in the world, she hopes to motivate social reform. Cynthia naturally looks to the future, confronting traditional ideas by tapping into her instinct for embracing change and seeing possibilities.

As a visual artist, she has exhibited around the country. One show favorite was her mason jar filled with alphabet soup and labeled “The Complete Works of Wm. Shakespeare – Shake Before Reading”.


Where Imagination Runs Wild

For curious minds of all ages, this refreshing book delivers an interactive experience with 60 original and playful art images, a self-guided tour, and a creative exercise.

Eager for an enchanting respite or instant escape from daily life? Leave your worries behind, as you embark on an entertaining tour of The Land of Ampersand. You will find the remarkable Ampersand inhabitants—with their unique history as descendants of the original “&” character—are friendly, inspiring, and full of surprises. Best known for unifying all things and allowing opposites to co-exist, the Ampersand natives invite us to stretch our minds, explore possibilities, and let our imaginations run wild. The Land of Ampersand promises to lift our spirits, spark new thinking, and open our hearts.

Are you still here? Go ahead...proceed within. Your lighthearted and rejuvenating adventure awaits!

ampersand • am-pƏr-sand • noun:

a character “&” that is used for the word “and”

- Merriam-Webster


  • Many humorous incarnations and clever twists of meaning will bring many a smile. – K.A.Y.

  • A myriad of thought-provoking connections to the joyful side of the human spirit and a beautiful way to lift your spirits over and over again! – C. Libby

  • Love that it is so whimsical yet thought provoking. Just what we all need. – M. McClure

  • Who knew the ampersand could be so entertaining and engaging?! – J. Auskelis

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Shake Before Reading with Cynthia Correll

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Cynthia Correll

Jump For Joy Press

Cynthia Correll & Co LLC

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