Engage Prospects & Clients

Clarify. Simplify. Streamline.


Simplify Selling

Make your value proposition pop. Recognize unseen value in your business. Highlight your benefits.

Clarify Complexity

Inspire the “a-ha!” moment with customer-focused, intuitive design and well-organized content.

Engage Audience

Create sales tools, presentations and programs that attract attention and inspire dialogue.

Streamline Experience

Dazzle clients without pretense. Showcase the link between your service and your customers’ needs.

Slideshows • Take-Aways • Events • One-Sheets • Postcards • Assessment Tools • Handouts • Visuals
PowerPoint • Card Decks • Quick Reference Guides • Instructions • Games • Forms • Training Materials
Presentations • Flyers • Workshops • Name Badges • Sales Tools • Charts • Diagrams


Cynthia created training products that enhanced my presentations, made learning “stick”, helped to brand my business and was responsible for the design and production of my communication CD and my self-published poetry book. She has an amazing combination of creativity, productivity and organization.

 –Mary D’Amato, President, RX Management Inc.

Cynthia gave us a different outlook toward being seen and noticed. After years under the radar, she got us in front of new audiences and as a result our culture and our business was elevated to the next level.”

–Robert L. Hulett, Chairman & CEO, R.L. Hulett & Associates, Inc.

Thanks for our conversation, as you truly are an idea factory! In just a brief conversation your breakthrough thinking was most apparent.

–Edie Raether – Change Strategist, Speaker, Author, Coach

I’ve seen that Cynthia Correll’s organizational skills and boundless creativity are consistently effective. She listens carefully to her clients and works as a partner to find successful and creative solutions that are beyond what most of us can ever imagine.

–Mary-Ellen Drummond, President, Polished Presentations International

Cynthia edited our technical presentation and the result was ‘night and day’. The new presentation has purposeful flow from a macro-view which clearly communicates so that a non-expert can understand.

 –Dr. William Collins, Owner, Reintegrative Health Institute

Cynthia helped me get across what I wanted to say, and yet be succinct enough to keep my audience’s attention. She gave me some great ideas for interactive activities and a takeaway to further engage the audience.

–Vicky Ciaravino, MSW, HeartRoots

To give me a competitive edge, Cynthia created a one-of-a-kind product for me to sell and use with my clients. The design of the content and packaging is beyond what I imagined and reinforces my branding—there’s nothing else like it out there!

—Maureen Wielansky, Holistic Health Expert, Making It All FIT

Great job on this order form. Just wanted to let you know we signed 11 new clients today. Pretty sweet!  I’m guessing another handful will come in over the course of the week too. Much success!!! I know I couldn’t have done it without your help.

—Josh Turner, Founder, LinkedSelling.com

The pre-assessment was brilliant. I will definitely start using it routinely.

—Joyce Auskelis, DefiningNEXT, LLC

I’m blown away by your knowledge of design and visual communication and it frees me to do the work that I’m strong in but stretched in about now.

—Judy Ryan, CEO, LifeWork Systems

Cynthia has been an awesome resource for me.  I would highly recommend her to your other clients as well, especially folks like me who are not necessarily proficient at putting together training outlines and materials.

Cynthia took a very cluttered presentation and was very helpful to me in streamlining my thoughts and clarifying what information I want to give to my listeners.

–Laurie Senol, M.D.

The event organizer asked me to send my power point presentation to her yesterday. No surprise but she thought it was awesome. Of, course I had to share who helped me to create such a great message.

—Glenda Woolley, Five Star Leadership

Your 60 seconds visual was awesome!

—Cesar Keller, Co-Founder and CCO, SimpleFlame

Thanks for my beautiful cover and logo and thank you for being patient while I was driving you crazy with my craziness during its creation!  I am so happy every time I look at it!

—Tana Gildea, Partner, Compass Financial Consulting, LLC

Wow! After we “possibility stormed” for just about one hour, you created the template for my Business Dream Sessions. I just cannot get over it—I have a new product!

–Karen Hoffman, Founder, City of Experts

Your help made all the difference in everything I am doing. The work book is great and the process chart is great, too.

—Beth Chesterton, Master Coach and Consultant, Chesterton & Co.

Cynthia has the keen ability to understand all the little pieces and how they can fit together; she can get into my head! And having someone else help me move ahead is such a special resource.

–Susan Scribner PhD, Wise Monkeys Communications

Last night we gave your cards to my parents.  They were a big hit!  It was fun reading the questions and having them embellish on the stories.  Their granddaughter learned some family history, and the rest of us enjoyed reliving it!

–Jeff Lefton, Abra-Kid-Abra

The presentation exceeds my expectations!  You are remarkably in touch with what works. Thanks so much for prioritizing this and giving me peace of mind.

–Bill Prenatt, Simply Successful, LLC


For Cynthia Correll, the title “Communication Architect” perfectly articulates the expertise she offers service-oriented businesses. It’s more than marketing or messaging. It’s about collaborating to design an intuitive, easy-to-understand and engaging sales experience. She shows her clients how to walk their prospects through the process and unlock maximum value for their services.

Cynthia combines art, logic and structure to express complex ideas. By designing simple, engaging tools, presentations and processes, Cynthia creates a common language between her clients and their audience so that big ideas become easy to understand, intuitive and inspiring.

A key to Cynthia’s resourcefulness is her varied background. Her professional experience spans a variety of industries and ranges from startups and nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. Her work has varied from instructional design, customer training, IT programming and installation to producing large-scale national sales conventions, designing brand identities and coaching entrepreneurs.

Early on, she was recruited to join the initial management team of an educational software startup in California. She successfully built the customer service and training division from the ground up, ultimately creating an operation of 500 staff nationwide. Her team installed and managed hundreds of computer labs with software for teaching reading and math critical thinking skills in elementary schools. The business grew in a whirlwind seven years to 2,000 employees and $200 million in revenue.

Cynthia’s retirement was short-lived. She accepted a strategic planning position with the San Diego Workforce Partnership and eventually returned to school to follow her passion for fine art and graphic design. She found her creative niche in book arts, an art form that combines images, text and structure. 

She has won praise for several of her “books,” including her entry in the International Edible Book Tea event: A Mason jar of alphabet soup labeled “Complete Works of William Shakespeare — Shake Before Reading.” The art critic for The Durango Herald singled-out her “River Book” exhibit as “the quirkiest”.

By integrating art into her business, fusing creativity and logic, Cynthia gets better results for her clients by powerfully engaging prospects and audiences.



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